End Religion & Begin Science
"God of The Jews shake up the muslims!!"

An American from the south, we have the tweet of a Christian keyboard warrior who doesn’t understand the actual death and destruction occurring in the middle east, but she’s supporting it! (screenshot just in case she deletes it). 

Religion Kills

It is November 20, 2012. 8:16 PM as I type this from New York City, and Israel has killed 54 civilians and wounded 840 people in Gaza, and terror groups from Gaza have killed 3 Israeli’s and wounded 12. There is no other greater, yet depressing time to begin this blog. I accompany this introduction with a wall poster found via Google search which represents death caused by religion. The image is SFW, I won’t post NSFW pictures unless I note so in advance, the baby in this picture is not really dead, I’m guessing they replaced a baby bottle with a gun and added red coloring, nevertheless, here we go.

religion kills